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Creeping Foliage Stencil

I love the versatility of this stencil.  Is it a ground cover, a leafy vine?  I have used this creeping over painted faux walls like an ivy, as foliage on a grassy hill, as a leafy vine on a cabinet.  It lends itself to many uses.  We offer it in three sizes, so you can find the perfect fit for your project.

With each of our stencil designs, we include a color picture, color suggestions and detailed instructions on how to duplicate as shown. Keep in mind you can paint the designs in any color of your choice, and you can also flip the stencil to create a mirror image.

I like to think of stenciling as "art for the artistically challenged". At one time, that was me, an appreciator of art but without any particular ability. By following a simple stenciling technique, I learned how to paint. Once you understand the technique we use, whether you are a novice or a seasoned stenciler, you will be able to achieve fabulous results.

Please refer to our Stenciling Tips and Techniques for more information.

Creeping Foliage Stencil
Small: 8 ¼"w x 8 ½"h
Medium: 12 ½"h x 12 ¾"w
Large: 16 ½"w x 17"h
Two overlays

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